We aim to become a world market leader by quickly producing trendy cosmetic products that fulfill dreams with our open and energetic corporate culture.



For over 120 years, the Lucky Trendy Group has been devoted to developing cosmetic products.
Since becoming President and CEO in 2013, I have aimed for “Total Beauty Producer” that blends not only “things” (products) but also services and related information with traditional development of the products in order to meet a variety of beauty needs.


In addition, we’ve made efforts to find support from customers not only in Japan but also those overseas. As a result, we now have stable support from a lot of countries especially in the Asia region. We are planning to expand beyond Asia into a number of other countries in the near future.


“Concentration,” “Efficiency,” and “Innovation” are the principles we use to blend into ever-changing market and meet customer needs.

We aim to be a professional group in each business areas as a pursuer of beauty.
We aim for maximum organizational efficiency by dividing the organization into the smallest units (companies).
We aim for a management style that always has an awareness of Innovation on the basis of Concentration and Efficiency.

CEO talks aloud

I feel that recently many areas are becoming increasingly borderless and that paradigm shifts are accelerating.
Within this environment, market is seeking a more “dynamic” cohesiveness as opposed to a “static” cohesiveness.
Because “purpose” itself is changing so quickly, I can’t help but feel that the accompanying team restructuring and project reorganization also continue to increase.
This restructuring and reorganization is bringing more awareness to the dynamic side.
I think that corporate organizations can’t also escape from this situation and market always require quick organizational restructuring.
Organizational restructuring at large organizations requires time and money, which is why we endeavor to divide the group into the smallest organizations to use our time and money more efficiently.

In addition, the application of big data has increased due to the development of Internet technology.
Despite these developments, it has not yet produced accurate market analysis which has made things difficult.
We don’t rely solely on big data from the Internet; we make an effort to gather information from real connections as well.

Finally, I would like to note that we will move forward with the stakeholders and continue to have a tireless passion for beauty. We therefore ask for your continued support and cooperation.

President and CEO
Masanori Nishitani